Parimatch Foundation provided medical assistance to the Kharkiv Regional Blood Service Center

Parimatch Foundation has provided the Kharkiv Regional Blood Service Center with reagents that allow the institution to continue its work in wartime.

The military aggression in Ukraine has led to a humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of institutions, including the Kharkiv Regional Blood Service Center, have been under direct shelling and bombing. As a result, the working conditions of the center have changed dramatically; some medical devices are not available because the warehouses have been destroyed. Under these conditions, the blood center continues to work and save the lives of civilians and the military.

Parimatch Foundation purchased and donated humanitarian aid to Kharkiv to support the center's work, namely the TEG5000 thromboelastography and Haemonetics hemostasis analyzer reagents (USA). The station uses them to provide free emergency medical care to the military and civilians with coagulation disorders. Stocks of consumables will be enough to carry out 300 medical tests. It makes it possible to treat people using one of the most modern methods of analysis of the blood system - thromboelastography. It allows to assess the risk of bleeding or thrombosis quickly, choose the right treatment tactics, and save lives.
Kharkiv region is under constant shelling, so the number of wounded with massive blood loss is constantly growing. Thanks to medical humanitarian aid to Kharkiv hospitals, the regional blood service center can continue to work effectively and help people in wartime.

— The Kharkiv Regional Blood Service Centre, like hundreds of other health care facilities, was under firing and bombing. Because we are working directly in the combat zone and the medical facilities have been destroyed, we do not have access to some critical medical devices. Consequently, we can not provide emergency medical care. Thanks to the humanitarian aid of the organization Parimatch Foundation, which provided our institution with a set of medical consumables. Now we can continue to help Kharkiv residents and the military who have coagulation disorders,Olena Moligon, the Deputy Director of Kharkiv Regional Blood Service Centre, said.

Thanks to the Ukraine Hospitals Appeal project, the providing of humanitarian aid to Kharkiv hospitals became possible. The International Charitable organisation Parimatch Foundation implements it jointly with the WeHelpUkrainians Foundation and well-known British doctors. The initiative aims to provide medical and humanitarian aid in Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities. The support of physicians and medical institutions is urgently needed. The assistance to hospital is essential for the Parimatch Foundation, as it helps to save the lives of hundreds of Ukrainians.

Since the beginning of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, the management of Parimatch and the Parimatch Foundation have decided to redirect all their resources to helping Ukraine. The Foundation has been involved in the general volunteer stream of Parimatch since the first days and is actively engaged in providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.