Join the Ukraine Hospitals Appeal initiative to save people affected by the war

In four months, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has escalated into a full-fledged humanitarian crisis. Millions of people have fled their homes turning into refugees or internally displaced persons. Thousands are suffering from being sieged on the occupied territories with no access to qualified medical care, basic needs, or even food. Many cities and villages have been demolished and thousands of people have been killed in their homes.

We can’t stop talking about this terrible war as Russia keep on shelling the residential areas throughout Ukraine every single day killing and injuring people, including numerous children. There is no safe place in Ukraine, and humanitarian needs are escalating.

Many people around the world wondering how to help Ukraine, whether by donating money, medical supplies, or emergency housing. Some of them volunteer for Ukraine to support people affected by the war as well as lots of charitable organizations refocused their work on helping victims of Russian aggression.

Ukrainian-born international charitable organization Parimatch Foundation has joined forces with WeHelpUkrainians (formerly Mangalakara Foundation), SteelRose Legal Ltd project partner, and prominent British doctors in a new initiative to provide medical aid in Ukraine. The Ukraine Hospitals Appeal coalition aims to raise money and provide medical assistance to the local hospitals, saving Ukrainian kids' lives. The effort aims to raise €1,000,000.

Charitable and philanthropic organizations have come together not only to support Ukraine but also to inform people around the world how to help a charity in Ukraine.

The initiative is supported by Dr. Owase Jeelani, BMed. Sci (Hons), BMBS, MRCS, MBA, MPhil (Medical Law), FRCS (NeuroSurg.). A world-renowned Consultant Pediatric Neurosurgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, and director of the charity, Gemini Untwined has agreed to volunteer for Ukraine in the way he can without hesitating.

The Ukraine Hospitals Appeal was a collection of people that came together soon after the war started in Ukraine. With the aim of how we could in our limited capacity come together and help the people and children of Ukraine. The deal was primarily linked with the children's hospital in Lviv which is one of the largest children's hospitals in Ukraine. We linked up with the medical and nursing team there, spoke with them to understand better the needs on the floor. Following on from that, the appeal was setup and we launched two weeks ago with the explicit aim of raising, to begin with one million euros to provide supplies, medical supplies to the hospital in Lviv and also other hospitals in the surrounding area. As well as front line ambulance staff.

How the Ukraine Hospitals Appeal can support the people of Ukraine?

It’s heartening to see how people from around the world have rallied around the Ukrainian people and the children and have shown their willingness to help. They are asking: How can i help Ukraine? It’s great to see that but one of the problems that creates is when lots of people try and do things spontaneously, it can be a rather inefficient system. What we have tried to do with the Ukraine Hospitals Appeal is to link up directly with the Ministry of Health to understand first hand what they need and how best we can support them.

How will donations help people in Ukraine?

What we have also tried to do is link up with a number of other medical charities working in this space to see how best we can coordinate our care. And donation will contribute to providing teams of doctors and nurses with robust communication channels to undertake the surgical and medical support on the ground. Donating is way how to help our charity and provide local medical staff with the supplies they need the most.

Dr. Owase Jeelani is convinced if you still don’t know how to help Ukraine you need to learn what support the Ukraine Hospitals Appeal is providing to join the initiative.

The support that we are trying to provide falls essentially in several categories, - he explains. One, providing Ukraine with medical supplies that they need for the hospital and the surrounding hospitals, as well as the frontline medical team and ambulances. The second point will be to try and setup a cloud based communication system. It’s imperative that we have as seamless communication platform as possible, between the teams in Ukraine doing the work and the support teams in the UK and around the world.

Donate online. Your donation will help us to save more people

We have a clear and simple answer to your “how can i help this charity initiative”. Enter our website and donate any sum of money you can afford to donate. You are the person who can save the lives of Ukrainians including innocent children. Be brave to donate to Ukraine, we appreciate your help.